Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting many times occur during the early months of pregnancy. Although it’s frequently referred to as “morning sickness”, it can occur any time of the day or night. Usually it disappears after about the third month. Morning sickness is actually the result of the influence of increased amounts of estrogen and progesterone that are produced by the ovaries early in pregnancy. Because of the increasing levels of these hormones, the secretory cells in the stomach increase their production of gastric juices. But at the same time, the bowel slows down in its ability to empty the contents of the stomach. This then causes a feeling of nausea, and in some cases, vomiting.

To PREVENT morning sickness, try the following suggestions until you find on that works for you:

  1. Eat a piece of bread or a few crackers before you get out of bed in the morning (put them close to your bed the night before), or when you feel nauseated.
  2. Get out of bed slowly. Avoid sudden movements.
  3. Keep windows open to get plenty of fresh air especially while eating or sleeping. Avoid keeping dirty laundry in the room where you sleep.
  4. Take supplements after a meal or at bedtime to avoid an upset stomach.
  5. Have some yogurt, cottage cheese, juice or milk before you go to bed, or before you get up. Or try one of these if you have to get up in the middle of the night.
  6. Wear loose fitting clothes.
  7. Take liquids one or two hours after meals instead of with meals, to decrease the volume of intake at any one time. Eat solids alone or liquids alone.
  8. Eat simple high carbohydrate foods such as crackers, dry toast or cereal before rising, to raise blood sugar levels in the morning when nausea often occurs.
  9. Eat several small meals during the day so your stomach doesn’t remain empty for long.
  10. Eat high-protein food: eggs, cheese, nuts, meats, peanut butter, etc., as well as fruits and fruit juices. These foods help prevent low levels of sugar in your blood, which can also cause nausea.
  11. Drink soups and other liquids between meals instead of with meals.
  12. Avoid greasy or fried foods. They’re hard to digest.
  13. Avoid spicy, heavily seasoned foods.
  14. Avoid activities that may trigger symptoms, like brewing coffee.
  15. Let someone else do the cooking. Sit in another room or take a walk while the food is being cooked.
  16. Use prepared foods from the freezer that can be warmed at a low temperature or a meal that doesn’t need to be cooked.
  17. Do not lie down flat for at least two hours after eating. It may help to rest after eating since activity can slow down digestion and increase your discomfort. If you wish to rest, sit down. If you recline make sure your head is at least 4 inches higher than your feet.

To REMEDY morning sickness, try the following suggestions:

  1. Sip soda water, carbonated water, when you begin to feel nauseated.
  2. Get fresh air-take a walk- sleep with the windows open.
  3. Use an exhaust fan or open a window when you cook.
  4. Drink spearmint, raspberry leaf or peppermint tea.
  5. Sip ginger ale or ginger tea.

If vomiting persists, or it becomes difficult to retain food or liquids, you should contact your doctor.

Anti-nausea medications available over-the-counter should be avoided.

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