Prenatal Care

If you are thinking of trying to conceive it's  helpful to obtain a prenatal check up before becoming pregnant. A  prenatal and family planning appointment will ensure you're in good health and don't have any illnesses or conditions that may affect your pregnancy.

During your appointment we will also review any current medications you may be taking and how they may or may not cause pregnancy risks or complications. Lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption, and smoking will also be addressed during the appointment and appropriate advice will be given to ensure the best health for you and your unborn baby.

If you are actively trying to conceive we will also offer you guidance in choosing prenatal vitamins to start taking while you await becoming pregnant.

If you find out you are pregnant before receiving any prenatal care don't fret it's not too late. We are here to help ease your mind and answer your questions.  Feel free to call our office and schedule an appointment today at (360) 671-7442

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